You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.


    Great Curb Appeal

    When listing your home and doing an open house you don’t get a second chance. For that reason several points are crucial and should not be overlooked.  Make sure the landscaping is well maintained. First impressions will get people out of the car and into the home. De-personalize your home by removing some personal photographs, less is always best. Don’t be afraid of staging and switching up or replacing key pieces in your home.

    It’s important to make people feel comfortable when in the home. A good idea is to play pleasant carefree music such as the classic Beatles, softly in the background.  Everyone loves good music and you might get a few folks singing along. Make sure that as you walk in to the home there are no prominent smells, you can bake cookies or light some pleasant candles at least half an hour before the open house.  However be careful with using scents, remember not all scents agree with all people.

    Who doesn’t like to get something for free? Have a small giveaway such as a gas card or gift card prominently displayed and use the sign-in sheet as a raffle entry to win it. If it’s a nice day sit outside, you can wave at the cars as they slow down, or talk to neighbors doing yard work.  Invite the neighbors to attend the open house. You can make phone calls, send email invitations, or walk the neighborhood door knocking leaving a flyer at each door.

    Make sure you let everyone know with enough time about the open house by putting an “Open House This Sunday” rider on your “For Sale” sign the Tuesday before your open house.

    These are all great ideas that a good realtor should be utilizing when doing an open house for you. Open houses are very important, you will never get that second chance to impress and if not done correctly you might be turning away your prospective buyer!

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